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A Few of the Benefits of Van Rental & Car Hire in Crawley| Armstrong Selfdrive

Total Flexibility – Our van hire and car rental terms are tailored to your requirements. Need something for just the day, to help with a home or office move, for example? You can get just that, ensuring you don’t pay a penny more than the job requires! Getting out of Crawley for a weekend trip and want to hire a van or car? That’s totally doable! And with ultra-speedy responses from our capable team, it can be a spontaneous thing you don’t have to plan weeks in advance.

At Armstrong Selfdrive, we also know that circumstances can change; it’s simply part of life. So if your needs change during the car hire or van rental term, that’s fine. We can extend the term without imposing harsh and punitive additional fees, the likes of which you might find with competing companies covering the Crawley area.

A Wide Range of Available Vehicles – When we purchase a vehicle, we can agonise for weeks or months to find something that meets our needs and is likely to prove a worthwhile investment for many years to come. But with the speed at which the industry moves, it’s usually only a few years until you’re left kicking yourself, saying: “I wish I’d waited!” What’s more, you’re stuck with something that might not be ideal for particular journeys you need to make at different points in the year.

When you opt for car hire or van hire, you can adapt your choice to the trip: e.g for a long-range journey where you’re transporting friends or family that aren’t usually with you. We have everything from small economy vehicles, to 9 seaters available as part of our Crawley car hire service. And when it comes to van hire, we have everything from cheap smaller vans, all the way up to Luton vans! You can choose something that will feel comfortable, convenient and even fun to drive when you hire a van.

No Storage & Maintenance Requirement – Anyone who lives in Crawley will know how hard it can be to find consistent, year-round parking for a vehicle; if you have your own driveway, you’re in luck – but often they come at such a premium built into a rental or purchase price, that it’s not a worthwhile investment if you’re not making constant use of your vehicle. When you choose to hire a van or car from Armstrong Selfdrive, you don’t have to worry about finding a safe, legal, cheap or free spot for your own vehicle, as it comes straight back to us once the term’s through!

Likewise, servicing, MOT and repair costs over the average year can start to add up. How often have you heard a friend or family member complain about the costs of just keeping a vehicle road legal? Compare these costs with the occasional cost of car hire or van hire as and when you require it, and you may find these solutions are more cost-effective. This can help Crawley homeowners reduce annual household expenditure, which is more important than ever with the skyrocketing cost of living, and help business owners improve their margins (one of the most commonly cited reasons we hear for regular use of our van rental service).

For affordable, flexible-term van rental and car hire in Crawley, choose Armstrong Selfdrive. You can reach us on 01293 551551.