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First Port of Call for Van Rental & Car Hire in East Grinstead | Armstrong Selfdrive

One area we prove popular in is East Grinstead, so much so that we’ve set up a second location in the locale, just a short trip from our Crawley base. Our East Grinstead clients take in all sorts of individuals and companies, from those wanting to make use of short term car hire for a trip across county, to commercial clients in need of mid to long-term van hire to make continental trips, often due to a spike in demand that means their own fleet is at capacity. So whether you’re in need of competitively costed car rental, or looking to hire a van, rental from Armstrong Selfdrive is a great way to go. Below, as the benefits of general usage have been covered elsewhere on our website, we’ve looked to focus on the benefits that corporate accounts can enjoy by using our services. If you’ve stumbled across this page searching for car hire or van rental in East Grinstead as a matter of immediate need, cut right to the chase by calling our team on 01342 714001.

Commercial Benefits of Car Rental & Van Hire

No Secret / Hidden Costs - When you need a vehicle to provide a service, whether you’re providing private transportation services, deliveries, removals, construction work, etc. - the question of margins is all important. Choosing to hire a van for work in or around the East Grinstead area should not impact profitability. But what of costs hidden deep within a contract? When you choose Armstrong Selfdrive, you’ll know exactly where you stand, and not be ambushed by hidden fees that can make car hire and van rental go from a cost-effective choice, to something unsustainable financially. Short to mid term rental contracts are far simpler, and far less convoluted than long-term contracts, where these sorts of hidden costs can lay lurking in the shadows.

Simplify Balance Sheets - Did you know that any and all leases held by a business for a period of 12 months or longer need to be declared on balance sheets? East Grinstead businesses who instead take the short term approach when it comes to car rental, or look to hire a van when the need arises, can avoid declaring hired vehicles as assets. This can help keep capital liquid, and ready to put into core, profit-generating activities/enterprises.

Fleet Flexibility - Is it really worth purchasing a vehicle if it’s only a temporary spike in activity you need to account for? The immediate and long-term costs of the decision may outweigh the benefits you receive in the here-and-now. Many of our East Grinstead clients instead use van hire and car rental as a means of meeting beyond-average demand. Fleet can be increased and downsized as and when required; it’s total flexibility.

Compliance Without the Admin Work - Building on this prior point, maintaining a fleet can involve a lot of admin work. Ensuring a vehicle has met requirements in terms of tax, MOT, and general maintenance (so it’s ready and raring to go year-round), can begin to add up in terms of both time and costs; and in many cases, add to someone’s already busy workload! Choosing to hire a van or use our East Grinstead car hire service can mean you circumvent all these concerns, as we handle it all for you!

So what are you waiting for? Choose Armstrong Selfdrive’s East Grinstead car hire and van rental services to keep your business firing on all cylinders.