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Car Hire in Haywards Heath

Hire a Car or a Van with Confidence

Motorists from Haywards Heath, and those in the nearby area, benefit well from the pay-as-you-go car hire and van hire services we provide. This format allows our domestic customers and commercial clients to rent a car or hire a van, and to travel to destinations across the UK for pleasure. You can also use car rental for your business needs, or van rental services should a model from your own fleet be off the road.

Before you rent a car or hire a van from Armstrong Selfdrive, we recommend that you follow the tips below to help you choose the right package for your personal or business requirements.

These sections include advice on the best makes and models for car hire or van hire, plus info on some of the additional insurance cover you might need. Motorists and business owners can rely on our professional advice to ensure their car rental or van rental experience ties in with their expectations.

The team at Armstrong Selfdrive looks forward to meeting you.

Choose the Right Vehicle

We advise customers in Haywards Heath to consider the right make, model and size for their car rental, taking the number of passengers and the purpose of car hire into account. If you need assistance or haven’t used a car and van rental company before, our specialists help motorists to choose from a fleet of vehicles. Choose something with a manual or an automatic gearbox, air conditioning or sat-nav capabilities.

Our car and van hire range includes the following:

  • 3 to 5-Door Vehicles
  • Family Saloons
  • Economy Cars
  • Estate Cars
  • Petrol or Diesel Car Hire
  • Petrol or Diesel Van Rental
  • Multipurpose Vehicles (MPVs)
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)

Be Properly Covered

Clients should take the necessary precautions before renting a vehicle. If you rent a car or hire a van then suffer a breakdown, our insurance covers the cost of assisting you at the roadside and the repair work. Haywards Heath motorists can also add a collision damage waiver to a car rental or van rental package, which reduces insurance excess liability.

Contact us to find out more about these essential add-ons.

Book Car Hire and Van Hire in Advance

Planning the type of car rental or van hire you need in advance allows you to choose from a wider variety of vehicles. Nevertheless, drivers in Haywards Heath can still rent a car or hire a van at short notice. This is ideal if you need to make impromptu journeys or carry out deliveries using a model from our fleet while another van is out of action.

Domestic or pleasure, we’re always there to help you.

Rent a Recognised Brand

We supply motorists with vehicles from major manufacturers as part of our car hire and van hire service. Models range from spacious family saloons and 4x4s, to Luton vans with tail lifts and multipurpose vehicles (MPVs). Clients can also choose from a selection of hybrid models for an eco-friendly car rental that helps to protect the global environment.

Car rental or van rental, we deliver an ethical service.

Check for Damage

The first thing you should do when you rent a car or hire a van is to check the interior and exterior for signs of damage, and that the fuel gauge reading matches. Customers in Haywards Heath should carry out checks immediately and inform our car and van hire company if there are scratches, scuffs, dents or other discrepancies. We assure customers and clients that our team inspects all car and van rentals on their return to us.

In the event of any discrepancies, we always try to work with you to reach an agreeable solution for both parties.

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